Why Look Into Commercial Financing Now

Small business is the lifeblood of the American Dream. This is accompanied by a touch of comedy, as the term “The American Dream” was actually coined by the Russians during the Cold War in mockery of the endless pursuit of a white picket fence that many Americans were notorious for. As a company that prides itself on helping the economy, we believe that it’s our duty to assist small businesses as they grow. And in the direction they’re growing in, it seems that they are actively changing the overall idea of the American dream and how it will play out.


A young writer recently mentioned that the American Dream as it’s supposed to be known as “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer, and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” Unfortunately, due to the Great Recession, the land of opportunity has undergone a major morale hit. Opportunity has dwindled as the job market dropped, debts rose, and wages have continued to stay stagnant for nearly 25 years. Despite all of this, millennials have started many new businesses. This is because two-thirds of the millennial population has stated an interest in working for themselves. Where the American dream had once been finding employment at a large company, working for a few decades, and then retiring with a pension, it’s morphing into an individualistic idealism that hasn’t been seen in quite some time.


With this in mind, Patriot Commercial Lending Solution decided that there should be a more comprehensive guide on how to start your business and begin paving your way to the entrepreneurship inspired American dream.

To Begin

Once you have an aspiration or a dream, pursue it with the same fervor as the founders of this great country. But be sure that you know what you’re doing. Start with the research portion by determining if there’s a market for the product or service you’re going to be offering. If your business uses the premise of “see a need, fill a need,” then you’re already on your way to greatness. You can start to hone this idea through focus groups, articles from people who’ve done something similar and delving into the finer points of the industry you’re attempting to enter.   

The Plan

Every investor you approach is going to ask about your business plan. Be sure to have it ready for them. This is a plan that will blueprint the business from the start-up phase, through establishing the business, and then on to the expectations you have for growth. If you’re going to see commercial financial support you’ll need to craft a traditional business plan. It should be thorough and hit the key points that investors and banks are on the lookout for. Be on the lookout for the Patriot Commercial Lending Solutions blog where we’ll cover the different kinds of business plans to craft, and how to access those strong points that investors look for.

Business Equipment and Commercial Financing

Before you start pursuing a tax agent to layout the documents for your LLC, press the pause button. While some small businesses don’t require a lot of money at the start, more rounded business plans that have more immediate expectations for growth will need commercial financing. If you’re in need of computer equipment, equipment leasing for a restaurant start-up, medical practice, or other business, contact us. Patriot Commercial Lending Solutions believes in the American Dream and fueling the local Abilene and Dallas economy with hard work and determination. Start fighting for your dreams with us.